P2 Engine 3.3.0

Date: 31/12/2015

Latest release is P2 Engine 3.3.0 (check your P2 Engine version)

Major change in resource leveling
  • Leveling resources using the function "level_resources" requires parameters to define the scheduling method (parameter ScheduleMethodID) for searching for a resource feasible schedule. In some cases, a resource feasible schedule cannot be found, and the function then returns 99999999. 
  • In the previous versions of P2 Engine, the search for a research feasible schedule has been restricted to schedules with a duration smaller than or equal to 10 times the duration of the critical path schedule. However, in case of scarce resources, and low SP values, this maximum duration was not high enough.
  • In P2 Engine 3.3.0, this limit is increased to schedules with a maximum duration equal to the sum of the activity durations. In doing so, the new P2 Engine version guarantees to find the resource feasible schedule when it exists. This can come, however, at some additional CPU time.