Release Information

This page contains relevant and up to date information on the latest release of P2 Engine.

Update to P2 Engine 3.3.0

Major change in resource leveling.

Update to P2 Engine 3.2.7

Change in topological indicator calculations (TF = 0 instead of 1 for serial and parallel networks).

Update to P2 Engine 3.2.6

Bug in P2 Engine solved (The cruciality index CRU(rho) precision was not correct when number of simulations exceed 1,000).

Update to P2 Engine 3.2.5

Bug in mP2 Engine solved (mP2 Engine is a multi-project extension of P2 Engine, currently not available to many users).

Update to P2 Engine 3.2.4

Bug in P2Schedule:copy_constructor solved.
Reset function added and minor bug solved.

Update to P2 Engine 3.2.2

Major improvements and new functions added.

Update to P2 Engine 3.2.1

Two new functions added and bugs solved

New release P2 Engine 3.2.0

Major update: Bugs solved and one function added.

New release P2 Engine 3.1.0

Major update: Free licenses now available for researchers.

Update to P2 Engine 3.0.2

Renaming of many functions to add consistency.

Update to P2 Engine 3.0.1

P2 Engine now available on Ghent University's super computer.

New release P2 Engine 3.0.0

Major update: Thanks to the switch to the LUA language, P2 Engine is now platform independent and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. P2 Engine 1.0 and P2 Engine 2.0 are no longer supported.