P2 Engine

Advancing the state-of-the-art knowledge

P2 Engine is a command line utility tool developed by OR-AS. It is based on the LUA scripting language and ProTrack to generate gigabytes of project data. It generates project baseline scheduling data and risk analysis metrics as well as dynamic project progress data that can be used for testing and validating novel research ideas. Join our research projects and get access to P2 Engine.

Faster than ever before

P2 Engine gives the user access to the complexity of various project analysis algorithms incorporated in ProTrack 3.0. The researcher can solve difficult and critical dynamic project scheduling optimization problems using ProTrack’s intelligent algorithms. It can easily produce a enormous database of optimization results for a wide range of project management problems faster than ever before and advance the state-of-the-art knowledge available today.

Academic licenses

P2 Engine is free to any academic researcher who wants to contribute to the development of state-of-the-art tools and techniques, the creation of new insights in dynamic project scheduling and the invention of new future research avenues in order to make project management even better than today. Request a free full academic license at ProTrack's P2 Engine webpage and start to write your own academic paper.

Business licenses

P2 Engine is the engine behind the software tool ProTrack and was therefore originally developed as a single dynamic project scheduling tool (baseline scheduler, risk calculator and project controller). However, thanks to its flexibility and easiness to extend, it can be easily used as a project calculator in various single project, multi project and very soon in project portfolio environments. P2 Engine is currently used in the OR-AS consultancy work where it can be installed as an add-in in the software to make tailor-made solutions for project based companies. On top of that, a project is on its way to deliver P2 Engine as a service to companies such that they can use and adapt the engine for their project developments without the continuous intervention of an OR-AS consultant. 

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